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We have built Talent Guru's for two different types of people.


For forward-thinking and innovative fashion brands, we source high-quality creative freelancers specialised for your project's needs. We can access talent on an international level who can work remotely or on-site.


For our creative freelancers, we enable you to showcase your past work and portfolios directly on Talent Guru's and can grant you access to short-term projects within high-quality fashion brands. We ensure you are paid on time and your intellectual property is protected. We are always on the lookout for the best fashion designers, fabric specialists, social media experts, content creators, storytellers, photographers, videographers, stylists and many more creatives.

How it works

Talent Guru is rooted in the fashion-industry, therefore we know that quality is everything!



Create an account and tell us about yourself. Fashion brands - tell us about your DNA. Freelancers - upload your portfolio and tell us what you are best at.



We’ll take a look at your profile to make sure you’re the right fit for Talent Guru. We want to ensure that we have the best creative freelancers working for the coolest fashion brands out there.



Once you’ve been granted access, fashion brands can start posting new projects and freelancers can start applying for them.

Connecting the best creative talent with the coolest jobs in the fashion industry.


Whether you're a fashion brand or freelancer, we can help.

To build a successful label, you’ll have to think like an entrepreneur from the start. That means understanding how a business works and putting together a plan that lays out short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.

Recognize the importance of product development

Start small with one product line – then develop the brand from there, in a way that feels consistent and carries forward the same design DNA.


Setting the right price for your product is crucial in finding success. Work it out by starting with the amount that a customer would be willing to pay, and working backwards to calculate how much you can spend on materials and manufacturing while still turning a profit.


The report recommends that young designers pay more attention to feedback from buyers than from the press; good reviews are nice to have, but the only thing that will sustain a business is sales.


It’s important to have a strong vision of your brand’s identity from the beginning. “Young designers need to understand what they are and why they are starting their own businesses,” says Vanessa Friedman, fashion director of The New York Times. “If they do it, it is because they really believe that they have something to say that cannot be said in the context of Paul Smith or Oscar de la Renta or Dior.”


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5 Steps to Create Your Content Strategy for Your Fashion Brand with Miss Xara

Figure Out Where Your Customers Are

Pick Your Platforms Checklist

Get Clear on Your Goals

Plan Your Content

Create Your Process


This week our Miss Xara FASHION Community is open and accepting new members. if you’d like to join us, and get immediate access to a library of step-by-step information that makes it possible to check things off your task list, make sales, increase your email list, run effective quality control, get your brand into the press, and so much more, we’d love to meet you.


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