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Are you stuck in a style rut? Getting fed up with wearing the same outfits time and time again? A new Mum going back to work? Have a special occasion you need to buy for? Or just need a little help figuring out what styles, colours and shapes suit you?If you think this might be you then there is no need to worry, We can help. From personal shopping to wardrobe edits, Miss Xara can help find the perfect style for you.

International Global Sourcing Solutions

Miss Xara International is a global sourcing organisation specialising in the procurement of value-added apparel for clients based in the UK, Europe and North America. Established in 2001, our international network encompasses offices and affiliates in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Turkey and the USA along with our head office in the UK.


Through our international network we develop "best-fit" solutions for our clients ensuring that products are delivered on time and to the quality standards expected in their design briefs.


In recent years we have undertaken a variety of diverse uniform, sportswear and leisurewear programs from internationally renowned brands.


Miss Xara International works with clients with a range of experience in sourcing bespoke apparel. Regardless of whether you are brand new to overseas sourcing or highly experienced we are able to create a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements.


Enquiries can be handled from all stages of development for corporate uniform,Fashion wear, sportswear, leisurewear, headwear, bags and accessories.

We can work from original garments or technical drawings to help you create your final product design.


We help to identify the best manufacturing source for your requirements

based upon quantity, lead-time, product specifics and price points.


We handle all aspects of transport and logistics

to ensure you have a seamless service from order to final delivery.


Use Miss Xara International as an extension of your own purchasing department and let us open the world of apparel and textile sourcing to you. Contact Us Now


We take brand speak, to experience speak, creating compelling store environments that inspire and resonate with consumers....forward...curious...responsive...personal...experienced. The diverse background of our team brings all the disciplines together from design/architecture, marketing/advertising, and visual merchandising/retail operations to help translate your brand vision to a unique store experience.

Make Your Brand Come To Life

Miss Xara


We develop brand experiences by working with clients in a collaborative way where we explore new ideas, let our curiosity roll and experiment with textures and materials that tell your story yet maintain focus on what is strategically and operationally grounded.

At Miss Xara we are passionate about retail and all it entails from branding, store design and architecture to roll-out implementation. It is what we live everyday. We take each and every project as an opportunity to tell a story, influence behavior and ultimately empower customers to become your brand ambassadors.

Clothing stores are the building blocks of society. Without amazing places to shop for clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories, the world would fall apart around us. Having access to stylish boutiques and department stores is critical to the survival of humanity. If you are ready to learn more about apparel retailers or you are just looking to do some shopping,

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Which clothing stores offer the right mix of well-made, gently-priced, well-designed clothes? To rank the world's best, we tapped our string of correspondents--from London to Paris to Tokyo--to tell us which stores they enjoy most. As usual, our methodology is loose, but fair: We factored in fabric and construction quality, price (as it relates to quality), overall desirability, and accessibility to a large audience. And we only considered stores that sell clothes for both men and women.



Boost your fashion business

All you need in one supplier: resell online with Brandsdistribution.


Refuelling your business has never been so simple: all of the products in our catalogue are ready for despatch, fast deliveries worldwide, extremely low order quantities.


Miss Xara is the heart of the success of entrepreneurs

anywhere in the world

We are world leaders in online B2B designer clothing and fashion accessories distribution.


We’ve accumulated a great deal of experience in the fashion business since we launched in 2006, and also in developing innovative logistics solutions, making full use of the potential for online sales and digital transformation.




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