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The fashion industry is changing. There’s no one-size-fits-all in this business anymore. Your success in fashion doesn’t have to fit the same old patterns you’re used to seeing.


You can create a business that fits your life. Remember that always.

Although the fashion business might not always be entirely glamorous, there's something profoundly alluring about the world of runways and spring-summer collections.Not to mention the amount of money that goes around.


Fashion Design

Whatever the product group, style or need, talk to us about fashion design - where style comes naturally.


With our sourcing & manufacturing capabilities, we're always bringing new product and collections to life.



One Way to Become a Very Productive Fashion Business Owner


We’ve all been there– great intentions and exciting ideas that never quite come together because we’re bogged down with all the other crap that needs our attention as the owners of our businesses.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Miss Xara will help you with your new venture


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We’re a privately owned fashion design, sourcing and manufacturing company. With years of industry experience, MISS XARA specialises in the whole fashion supply chain process. We help start-up retailers & brands make their visions into reality, and design and manufacture fashion for household names. Our head office is based in London, we’re able to service fashion clients on an international scale.Expert stylish help, whatever the stage in production or design. Miss Xara is the place that makes great fashion happen.


A full service design agency bursting with eureka moments and ingenious ways of bringing them to life


Applying design intelligence to the real world



Digital marketing – it’s fast, it’s sexy, it’s targeted and it’s easy to measure. What’s not to love? And we love it too – we run…



Pinterest. The image sharing platform is the darling of brides and grooms to be, the go-to resource for home renovators and a not to be missed…

Since 2000 we’ve been totally bursting at the seams with design work for the fashion and design sectors, B2B communications and brilliant employee engagement.

We’ve built up loads of knowledge and experience in everything we do but our clients say they really love the way we listen. We think great design doesn’t come without listening so we take time to understand what our clients say they need and what they want. And we work really hard to uncover your ideal solution with an intelligent approach to fashion design behaviours.

Connecting the best creative talent with the coolest designs in the fashion industry.


Whether you're a fashion brand or freelancer, we can help.




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